All You Need to Know About ZOOM! Whitening


What is ZOOM! Whitening?

ZOOM! whitening is a professional teeth bleaching process, available only at select Dentist offices. This professional system incorporates a special high-end professional light to penetrate teeth and break up stains and discoloration, and it is the combined effect that lightens teeth up to 5 shades in a 90-minute visit.

What does ZOOM! Whitening involve?

Zoom Whitening System itself involves a patented whitening gel that contains 25 percent hydrogen peroxide, and must be handled by a professional or temporary damage to the gums may occur. The Zoom whitening procedure is an in-office, hour-long technique that is best performed after a dental exam and teeth cleaning. During the Zoom whitening process, patients can comfortably listen to music or watch TV.

What causes discolored teeth?

There are many reasons for discolored teeth, such as regular consumption of dark-colored foods (cherries, blueberries, cranberries) or drinks (coffee, tea, wine), dental damage, medicine (minocycline, antibiotics), and excessive fluoride. Habitual smoking can also contribute to teeth yellowing, not to mention the fact that enamels darken as we age.

Do I need a Dental Exam?

Every dentist SHOULD initially conduct a dental exam of each patient’s teeth and gums. Afterward, a dental cleaning is performed. At a later appointment, if the patient has no contraindications, such as teeth sensitivity, periodontal issues or cavities, the ZOOM! whitening treatment will take place.

How does the dentist prepare my mouth for the procedure?

To prepare for the actual teeth whitening, the patient’s lips and gums are fully covered to prevent exposure to the Zoom gel. Once the gel is on all teeth, special lighting is applied for 15 minutes to removes stains and discoloration. The gel and light is reapplied two more times with 15-minute durations, for a total of 45 minutes.

What do I do while the procedure is taking place?

After completion of the procedure, a fluoride gel is applied to reduce sensitivity produced. Throughout the process, the patient relaxes in a soft reclining chair.

What if I am having other cosmetic dental work done?

If you are undergoing other dental treatments, such as porcelain veneers or a full-mouth reconstruction, your cosmetic dentist may suggest you undergo Zoom whitening one week prior the reconstruction, since crowns or porcelain veneers do not respond to whitening agents. This will help to properly balance color uniformity between the restoration and the teeth whitening.

What foods should I avoid after the procedure?

Patients are advised to avoid certain food or drinks for 48 hours following the procedure to make sure no stains are caused on the newly whitened surfaces. Foods like cherries, cranberries, tea, coffee or wine are not recommended immediately after the process and hopefully delayed up to at least 48 hours. If this is not possible to give up permanently, the consumption frequency should be minimized significantly and rinse with water frequently after consumption of any dark liquids. You may resume 48 after the Zoom whitening process, but long term staining will re-occur if you continue bad habits.

What about tobacco?

After the Zoom whitening procedure is performed, patients should avoid tobacco products as the teeth are extremely susceptible to tooth discoloration and stains. To prevent the reformation of stains, patients should brush and floss regularly.

What is the cost of the Philips ZOOM! procedures?

Prices vary depending on the treatment. Dr. Marcano and his staff recommend for you after seeing you in their office.

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A white bright smile can be a confidence booster and a great way to get noticed. Depending on our everyday choices, we may not have the smile we always wanted. Wine, smoking, tea, soda, and other foods and beverages can cause teeth staining.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening can change all that today right in Dr. Marcano’s office.  It is a simple and fast procedure, read more HERE or call us for an appointment NOW!


Ultratooth Implants

What Makes The Ultratooth™ Implant Unique and Superior

How do I get Started?

The first step is a comprehensive examination of existing teeth, bone and gums. This allows for an accurate diagnosis and discovery of the potential solutions to your condition. During the first visit, we will perform a visual examination and evaluate radiographs (XRays). Then, we can recommend treatment solutions, and help you determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

We invite our patients to have a family member or friend participate in our discussions, which most patients find very beneficial. In addition, any financial matters will be discussed in detail and in a confidential setting before any treatment is started.

Is the Treatment Painful?

The surgical placement of dental implants causes only minor discomfort similar to having a tooth removed. Post-operative discomfort is controlled with the use of prescriptions.

Depending on the extent of the therapy, many persons return to work the day of their surgery. Most patients report that they were much more comfortable following the procedure than they had anticipated.

How Safe is the Treatment?

Modern dental implant treatment is highly successful, as a general guideline, the five-year success rate of dental implant is over 95% with the lower jaw (mandible) and about 90% with the upper jaw (maxilla). Despite the overall high success rates with dental implant treatment, there is still the possibility of failure, which can be contributed by various factors and conditions, such as poor healing power, poor bone quality, smoking and diabetes, and most important of all-poor oral hygiene.

Whereas no medical treatment can be guaranteed 100 percent without risks and failures, the Ultratooth operation is considered very safe. The prosthetic phase of treatment is basically non-invasive and non-surgical in nature.

What if I have Further Questions?

We expect you will. Feel free to contact our office at 407-855-1471. Our staff is very proficient in answering questions



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