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A dentist’s office is as good as their staff and Dr. Marcano’s staff is an all-star team. Dr. Marcano’s Team consists of 6 staff members who share with the doctor his caring philosophy and patient commitment.

Dr. Marcano’s skilled and experienced team really compliment and enhance Dr. Marcano’s ability to deliver great dental care.

Dr. Marcano has taken numerous continuing education courses in the laser and cosmetic dentistry field and has chosen to tailor his practice into a mostly “drill-free” cosmetic and restorative practice via the use of several lasers. Dr. Marcano has a deep personal commitment to provide each and every patient with exceptional dental care coupled with compassion, patience, and humour.



Brandon Vargas
Business Manager

Cynthia Rios
Business Associate


Jacquie Seymour

Lily Rivera
Dental Assistant

Lorraine Colon


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