5 Benefits of Straighter Teeth

5 Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Have you ever noticed how a smile has an uncanny way of brightening your day and making the simplest acts more enjoyable? For some reason, it’s just hard not to feel good and make others feel special when you flash those pearly whites. Unfortunately, if your smile isn’t so perfect, you’re less likely to smile in the first place, and the whole scenario plays out much differently.

If you count yourself among those who are sporting a smile that puts a dent in your self-esteem, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a recent study, more than half of all Americans are so embarrassed about their teeth that they cover their mouth when they laugh. For many of these folks, crooked teeth may be the culprits.

At first blush, you may think that straightening crooked teeth is entirely an aesthetic remedy. Not so, says Dr. Marcano here at Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. The benefits of straightening teeth genuinely are a perfect mash-up of form and function. In this blog, Dr. Marcano unpacks the five benefits of straighter teeth. 

1. Makes it easier to brush and floss properly

Although it’s true that straighter teeth look better, there are plenty of physical barriers created by crooked teeth that may have never occurred to you. Chief among the disadvantages of misaligned or crooked teeth is that they make it challenging to execute effective at-home oral care. Crooked teeth make brushing and flossing challenging at best and completely ineffective at worst. However, straighter teeth make it easier to reach all the teeth surfaces between your teeth to keep them healthy and clean. 

2. Decreases risk of decay and gum disease

At any given time, your mouth is teeming with bacteria, most of which is harmless or can be contained through solid at-home oral care and annual dental exams and checkups. Your ability to implement an effective at-home oral care routine helps you clean away any residual food debris and also lets you more effectively address plaque build up which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Simply put, straighter teeth make it easier for you to maintain a healthy smile.

3. Enhances overall health

Since teeth straightening increases your ability to keep your teeth clean and reduces the likelihood of developing gum disease, it also plays a crucial role in enhancing your overall health. By virtue of keeping bacteria in check, straighter teeth have the added benefit of lowering your risk of complications from medical conditions often linked with gum disease like stroke, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

4. Enables you to bite and speak properly

Straight teeth also play a critical role in your ability to bite and chew your food properly. Often misaligned teeth throw off how the upper and lower jaw come together, which changes the mechanics of chewing. Proper teeth alignment restores optimal bite and enables you to chew and eat properly and speak clearly without whistling sounds or lisping.

5. Boosts self-confidence

And as if a healthy smile that impacts your overall health and enables you to eat all of your favorite foods wasn’t enough, once you get the smile you’ve always dreamed about, your self-confidence will be through the roof. In fact, according to a recent study, 93% of people who are completely satisfied with their smile rate their confidence level as excellent or very good.

At Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we help our patients get beautiful, straighter smiles using ClearCorrect clear aligners. Designed using a proprietary ClearQuartz™ tri-layer aligner material, ClearCorrect aligners are virtually invisible, super comfortable, and have a proven track record for straightening teeth.

Are you ready to capture the smile of your dreams? Get started by contacting Orlando Center For Cosmetic Dentistry. Schedule your consultation by clicking the online booking tool or calling the office today at 407-855-1471.

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