Help! My Teeth are Yellow

 Help! My Teeth are Yellow

Have you ever been getting ready for a night out of the town and were stopped dead in your tracks when you got down to the last task – brushing your teeth? You have the perfect trendy outfit, and just got your hair done at that new salon in town. Everything is perfect except your teeth seem to be dull and yellow.

You’ve noticed a lackluster look to your teeth lately, but you couldn’t find the time to make an appointment with your dentist, and now you wish you did. Fortunately, a bright, white smile is only one appointment away, says Dr. Marcano, just in time for your next outing with friends.

In this blog, Dr. Marcano gives you the lowdown on why teeth can become discolored and yellow and what you can do about it.

Teeth discoloration explained

Contrary to the countless commercials you no doubt have seen, teeth discoloration isn’t simply a matter of consuming foods or beverages that cause staining, such as coffee, teas, and fruits like berries, or lifestyle habits like using tobacco products. Natural aging and teeth anatomy also come into play.

The way it works is that teeth have various layers. You probably are most familiar with the hard outer layer called enamel. Enamel is mostly made of a hard, durable mineral. Enamel is composed of 96% of a mineral called hydroxyapatite, which is the hardest material in the body. Hydroxyapatite gives your teeth that beautiful luminescent glow while acting as a protective barrier to the inner layers of the teeth.

Despite how resilient enamel is, it's still vulnerable to the effects of natural wear and tear and the constant bombardment of acidic foods and drinks. Once enamel becomes weak and worn, the inner layer called dentin, whose natural color ranges from a deep yellow or brown, starts to peek through. The good news is teeth whitening services can come to your rescue.

Say goodbye to dull, yellow teeth in one appointment

Here at Orlando Center For Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Marcano and our highly experienced team help patients brighten their teeth using one of the industry’s most recognizable teeth whitening systems – Philips ZOOM! In the course of a single appointment lasting about an hour, the team whitens your teeth to the tune of about up to eight shades. 

The way it works is after covering your gums and tongue with a rubber sheet, your dental provider applies a whitening solution to your teeth. Then you sit back and relax for about 20 minutes while the solution starts working. During the next step, your provider activates the solution using a special ultraviolet light, which tackles the stains. Your dental provider repeats these steps several times until we reach the desired whitening goals.

Capture a dazzling, bright smile without the guesswork

What’s particularly attractive about ZOOM! whitening in comparison to over-the-counter treatment options is that patients benefit from professional, more potent whitening solutions plus, they don’t have to deal with any guesswork involved in figuring out how many times to repeat the process to reach their desired whitening goals. Instead, in the time it takes to enjoy a lunch break, your dental provider seemingly turns back time by switching out dull, yellowed teeth and replacing them with a beautiful, dazzling, more youthful smile.

Lasting results with professional cleanings and at-home care

Typically ZOOM! lasts at least four to six months. The best news is that ZOOM! teamed up with vigilant at-home oral care like flossing and brushing and going to the dentist every six months for a dental exam and professional cleaning can keep your beautiful, bright smile in tip-top shape long after your whitening treatment, which is definitely something to smile about.

 If you are ready to kick your dull, yellow smile to the curb, contact Orlando Center For Cosmetic Dentistry for a consultation. Schedule your appointment by clicking the online booking tool or calling the office today at 407-270-1053.

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