How are Ultratooth Implants Different?

How are Ultratooth Implants Different?

Missing teeth used to be the subject of one of those awkward, sometimes comical stories about an elderly relative with ill-fitting dentures or who had a sunken face due to multiple missing teeth, but not anymore.

Missing teeth are a remarkably common occurrence. In fact, according to the American College of Prosthodontists, more than 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, while about 40 million Americans don’t have any natural teeth at all. Fortunately, as the number of Americans who suffer from missing teeth grew, so have the treatment options.

Over the past decade or so, dental implants have become the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Although dental implants are perfectly fitted and look and work like your natural teeth, the downside is that the treatment timeline may be several months to a year, depending on how many teeth you are replacing. 

But what if you could get your teeth replaced the same day? Now you can with Ultratooth® implants. In this blog, our own Dr. Marcano here at Orlando Center for Cosmetic Dentistry shares his thoughts on this game-changing tooth replacement option that has been transforming patients' lives and keeps them smiling for years to come.

How conventional dental implants work

To truly understand how different Ultratooth implants are, let’s take a look at how the traditional dental implant treatment plan typically plays out. With conventional dental implants, the timeline is determined by the number of teeth being replaced and how quickly your jawbone fuses or heals around each implant.

If you are deemed a good candidate for implants, the process begins with an in-office surgical procedure where your dentist places a titanium post in your jawbone for every missing tooth. Then the clock starts ticking for the healing process known as osseointegration. Since the post will ultimately serve as the implant’s foundation much like your natural tooth’s roots once did, it’s important that it properly heals and fuses to your jawbone.

Once the healing process completes, your dentist takes impressions of your mouth to create the crown that will be placed on top of each post. He installs a temporary crown while waiting for the permanent one to return from the dental laboratory. Once the crown is fabricated, you’ll return for your final appointment, where your dentist removes the temporary crown and replaces it with the permanent one. About 12 months will have transpired from your first appointment to your last. 

Provides a one and done tooth replacement

With Ultratooth implants, you can forget about scheduling a series of appointments months apart and waiting several months to a year to get your tooth replaced. As a same day or immediate load dental implant, Ultratooth implants make it possible to enter the practice with a missing tooth and leave with a fully functioning one with a temporary crown.

You’ll just need to make an appointment to swap out the temporary crown with a permanent one when it comes back from the dental lab. Ultratooth implants are a particularly attractive option when you need an extraction. Dr. Marcano extracts your tooth and immediately replaces it with an Ultratooth dental implant – all on the same day. With Ultratooth dental implants, you can say goodbye to playing the waiting game and waiting to finally be able to enjoy all your favorite foods again. 

“Eiffel Tower” design creates immediate results

As the first and only FDA-cleared immediate dental implant; Ultratooth dental implants are literally designed to be different. The key to its proprietary design is that it provides four contact points. The apical or “Eiffel Tower” design facilitates an immediate foundation in the surrounding bone instead of conventional implants, which rely on a lengthy fusing process to provide stability.

Improves bone density and minimizes bone loss

Although the same-day replacement aspect of Ultratooth dental implants is a definite plus in and of itself, the immediate nature of this treatment option has a dual advantage – it minimizes your risk for bone loss. It improves bone density compared to conventional dental implants.

Quite simply, healthy bones rely on stimulation. When you’re missing teeth, stimulation from a tooth’s root structure goes away, and the bone starts to melt away, making you look older by creating that sunken face look.

If you are missing teeth, and want to know if Ultratooth dental implants are right for you, contact Orlando Center For Cosmetic Dentistry for a consultation. Schedule your appointment by clicking the online booking tool or calling the office today at 407-855-1471. 

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