What Are Dentures? Everything You Need to Know

If someone asked you “How would you recover your smile in the event of sudden a broken tooth?” or…”What would you do if you suddenly lost one or more teeth?” How would you answer those questions? When it comes to tooth loss and dealing with missing teeth, you may not be super knowledgeable on the matter. Not to worry! Here’s the most important information everyone needs to know about dental implants and dentures in Orlando.

If you are in need of teeth replacement, start with the first step—visit a dental clinic near you. During your appointment, your dentist can carefully assess your situation and discuss your replacement options.

What Denture Design Should I Choose?

Non-metallic or zirconia ceramic crowns are recommended rather than metallic. These crowns are light-transmitting, so they look very natural, do not have a blue border around the gums, and are more aesthetically fitting.

Metallic prostheses have their drawbacks—they reflect light, making a tooth prosthetic look less natural than a metal-free ceramic crown. In addition, a “dark line” eventually develops around the metal-ceramic crown. You will find that many dentures in Orlando are non-metallic ones.

Metal-free ceramic is an aesthetic and the latest material in the manufacturing of dental crowns. It is permeable to light and its color and transparency are similar to properties of a natural tooth. Physicochemical properties are similar these include, strength, temperature changes, wear resistance, and durability. Metal-free ceramic is also highly recommended for the front teeth.

What Denture Type is The Best?

Fixed dentures are the best. They help restore the previous natural function of chewing. It also looks aesthetically pleasing and gives you more confidence. Older people are more likely to choose removable dentures for financial reasons. However, it is better to invest in long-term quality.

You can also find a dental clinic near you and book a consultation form which you will find out all the necessary information regarding your dentures.

How is The Implantation Procedure Performed?

The patient feels only slight vibration to the bone when the implant is screwed. The same method of pain relief is used for dental treatment. The person feels a slight sensation similar to the injection of a needle. General anesthesia (sedation) is recommended if the patient has an extreme fear of dental procedures.

Are Dentures Suitable for Everyone?

Dentures are in most cases unsuitable for patients with acute cardiovascular disease, uncontrolled diabetes, and osteoporosis. However, if the disease improves, you should consult a dental clinic near you again for a possible denture procedure.

How Long Can Dentures Last?

Dentures in Orlando don’t offer a lifetime guarantee. The condition of your dentures is like the condition of your body. If you don’t take care of your body, eat right, exercise, and take preventive measures your health will decline. The same rules apply to your dentures. The lifespan depends on oral care, lifestyle, implant materials and the quality of the services you are seeking. Each case is analyzed individually and the individual treatment method and time selected.

How Long Does it Take for Dentures to Heal?

There are cases where dentures can be placed on implants the same day. And sometimes you have to wait two, three, six, or even eight months. Until then, the patient will walk away with temporary dentures. It all depends on the quality of the bone and the condition of the remaining teeth.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist to learn more about dentures and the process involved.

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