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Ultratooth Dental Implants in Orlando

In the past, dental implants were less accessible for patients due to their high cost. Today, dental implants have become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the dental field as they are more achievable and efficient than before.

Patients can now qualify for an immediate dental implant procedure with Ultratooth dental implants. Ultratooth dental implants are the only FDA Cleared device that reduces procedure time.





Benefits of Immediate (Ultratooth) Dental Implants

Immediate (Ultratooth) dental implants are highly beneficial as they preserve existing natural teeth and protect areas where teeth are missing, unlike other surgical procedures.

Additional benefits of Immediate (Ultratooth) dental implants include:

 Instant satisfactory results

 Improved confidence in self-appearance


 A comfortable alternative to removable dentures

 The restored function of the teeth and appearance


Immediate Ultratooth Vs. Traditional Implants

It is important to note that, immediate (Ultratooth) dental implants are not any less durable or stable than traditional dental implants. In fact, the main difference between the two implant options is the time taken to complete the procedures.


Traditional Implants

The process of placing a dental implant will require multiple office visits. Once a patient has completed their consultation, the dentist will drill the titanium in the first visit and will place the abutment and dental crown in the following visit. In some cases, these processes are also separated.

These appointments are spaced out to allow the osseointegration process to occur. During this process, the implant must fuse to the jawbone before the final placement of the crown.

Multiple oral health factors determine what the length of time between the scheduled appointments will be. Patients can wear removable replacement appliances that replace missing teeth if they are self-conscious to be seen in public. However, these appliances can be uncomfortable and inconvenient.


Immediate (Ultratooth) Implants

Immediate dental implants allow patients to achieve their results in only one visit. Dentists are able to remove the patient’s existing tooth, insert the titanium screw and place a temporary dental crown all at once. The placement of a temporary crown prevents the need for additional removable appliances or the look of gapped teeth.

Once the final porcelain crown is available, patients will return to their dentist’s office. This process is brief and patients won’t have to be concerned with hiding their missing tooth from others.


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